In-depth Self-Love Transformational Training 

in Bali Paradise with Samaya Behrens

A profound inner life-changing journey for you who is ready for

Deep Healing,  Connecting with the Power Within

& Unlocking Your True Potential

 12-day Intensive Spiritual Bootcamp 

16 October - 27 October 2020 (Level1)

Are you ready for a BIG change in your life?

If you are ready for a radical change in your life and your SPIRIT is seeking adventure into mystic lands where daily ritual, sacred ceremony,  releasing, healing, transformation, and embodiment is part of everyday life, then join us for a truly magical and unforgettable retreat in beautiful Bali.

Imagine living in a tropical oasis for 10 days, with likeminded people that want to transform their lives. Surrounded by lush vegetation with the opportunity to meet yourself in a new way as you rediscover inner serenity and radiant vitality. 

You will learn how to let go of the past and heal what is holding you back in life.  You will connect with your enormous potential within and you will understand how to manifest all of this into your life. 

Come and experience deep serenity and excitement. Enjoy the feeling of being strong and unstoppable and see how your future suddenly will look brighter than ever. It's time to experience life in hope and beauty, and most of all to finally love yourself and your life to the fullest! This is your opportunity to embrace a new beginning,  and feel in complete bliss! 

My heart craves this transformation

This is a TOTAL turn around of your life. It's deeply HEALING and TRANSFORMATIONAL!

A profound inner and outer journey that is filled with a lot of 

love, support, joy and happiness!

This is NOT just a Yoga & Detox retreat

like you find everywhere!

Awakening your true self

Align  with your highest purpose

Live your

fullest potential

Experience a True Self-Love Transformational Journey

What's possible at the end of the retreat?

♥ Becoming so connected with your inner beauty that you start to love yourself as you are!

♥  Feeling so connected and aware of your body that you really start appreciating it. Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

♥ Being inspired to live from the heart and ready to open up for remarkable intimate relationships with yourself and others.

♥ Feeling empowered and ready to embrace your uniqueness!

♥ Strong enough to STOP anyone to tell you what to do, or how you should live your life.

♥ Able to carry yourself with confidence and stop being afraid of what other people think of you.

♥ Understanding that other people's opinions are more about themselves than about you.

♥ Seeing the beauty of life.  More acceptance of everything as it is. Both the sunshine and the storm.

♥ In the deep understanding of how to transform obstacles so that it makes you stronger and more authentic in life.

♥ At peace and in fulfillment! You finally found what you thought you've lost! 

♥ Feeling present in your own life - here and now. Boosted with LOVE and HAPPINESS!

♥ Feeling supported and you now dear to dream big and live your life to the fullest! 

Check out the sneak peak of one of our lastest Spiritual Bootcamp... 

My heart says YES 

Say no to doubts! Let's go specific!

What Heart Healing Retreat includes?

♥ 90+ hours of guided healing activities:

Consist of holistic BODY HEALING techniques that break through limitations and take you towards higher self-love and happiness

♥ 360-degree self-love formula:

Working on your transformation on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

♥ 14 holistic methods combined together for your transformation:

Kundalini Yoga , Life Force Awakening, Ikya Vibrational Medicine Alignment, Chi Gong, Movement Therapy, Stillness Meditation, Ikya, Dynamic Meditation, Mantra alignment, Breath Work, Ikya Healing , Organ Healing Breathing , Sound Healing, iWakening Conscious Dance , Cacao Ceremony & Celebration

♥ Your Ultimate Self-love toolkit to take home with you:

You come back home with 15 +++ amount of exercises that you can implement into your daily life to kick off your everyday morning routines, during stressful situation as well as it will work as your energy booster kit and alignment kit.

♥ 30+ hours of transformational self-love talks:

Triana and Samaya will share their real-life self-love stories for you to see what's possible if you commit to your personal transformation.

♥ Internal and external energy cleanse and power up program:

♥ Building up your energy and inner strength method:

You will learn to feel happy on your journey through your barriers encountered along the way, including how to deal with self-hate talk, how to stop comparing yourself to others and start being content and at peace with yourself!

Reboot Detox, Holy Water & Waterfall experience, Chakra clearing, and alignment.

Self Healing tutorial Chi Nei Tsang -Organ Breath Booster.

♥ Experience, experience and one more time experience:

We put the focus on you EXPERIENCING everything through your body on all levels: using nature as healing power tools, connecting with yourself, with people, with life and to connect with the beautiful HEART energy of Bali

♥ 5 steps Training Program for your consciousness:

1. Physical Awareness Training

2. Transformational Mindset Training

3. Emotional Heart Healing Training

4. Spiritual Alignment Training

5. Embodiment & Integration Training

Samaya is an energy healer who authentically lives in a commune with her heart and the nature of life. Her mission is to be in service for others on a path of excellence. People feel her direct access to source just from sitting next to her. She helped over 10 000 people to overcome everyday challenges to life’s biggest hardships by conducting vibrational medicine therapy sessions, talks, and retreats.

Samaya is the author of her signature 5 step iWakening Training for The Consciousness, that takes you from stress and anxiety all the way to an open heart and powerhouse of energy, from disconnected to fully radiantly alive, from lost to happily purpose-driven.

During her 17 years intense education with her IKYA Spiritual Teacher, she also became a successful businesswoman experimenting how to integrate Universal Laws into this physical world. That’s why many entrepreneurial clients value the combination of her backgrounds - “she simply vibrates, what she teaches”. 

Samaya´s transformative “Spiritual Gym” helps you to break through your old self, awaken, heal, and align with your fullest potential and highest purpose. You build strong mental, emotional, spiritual and physical ‘muscles’ necessary to successfully manifest flow of wealth, healthy relationships and abundance on every level of your life.

Samaya Behrens

Who will guide you and support you?

Extremely talented ENERGY WORKER, who has harnessed the ancient secrets of longevity and well-being to teach you to GROW your inner ENERGY and how to expand your consciousness towards a more HAPPY and HEALTHY living.

Tekano Maarohanye 

Founder iWakening Method, IKYA Vibrational Medicine Therapist, Spiritual Speaker, Life Force Awakening Yoga Teacher

Can this bootcamp really change your life?

No matter what kind of experiences you had in the past...No matter how hard your life has been... 

We are sure that this Transformational Heart Healing Retreat will be the most extraordinary & profound experience of your life.  It will give a total turn around of your life on many levels! 

So do you think this is even possible? Yes, it is!  We promise you can change your life when you choose to! 

Everything you think, feel and focus on activate energy that beams out into the world and will affect your life. Whatever you allow into your life within this present moment, you will attract. 

This retreat will help you to understand how your consciousness operates and cut you loose what's stopping you to shine your true essence, live your potential and become a human of self-love, happiness, and joy. 

 You will go through 5 steps Training Program to raise your vibration into a higher frequency which will help you to attract the life you dream of! This transformational journey will leave you as the best version of yourself and you leave out all self-doubt in your life. Get ready to love yourself and embrace the greatness within.

Experience your turn around:

♥ From low self-confidence to strong self-confidence

♥ From self-hate to self-love

♥ From not loving your body to admire and nurture it

♥ From constant suffering and obstacles to the free flow of an abundant life

♥ From lack of fulfillment to appreciation and pure joy and satisfaction

Listen to our students story -

BEFORE & AFTER iWakening Spiritual Bootcamp

Samaya has helped

thousands of people to transform their life

Read what some of Samayas clients think about Heart Healing Retreats and the work of Tekano and Samaya.

"The Heart Healing Retreat was for me life changing. I was introduced to IKYA t therapy 6 years ago with Samaya Behrens and I will continue as long as I live. The Heart Healing Retreat with Samaya gave me everything I need in life to grow, develop and to be able to deal with difficult situations. Now I have the tools to heal myself and a platform. I'm so much more aware and my power is back. My heart feels literally bigger and my vision is clearer. I came here with a broken heart and feeling dead inside. It's been some heavy days but in a good way. I now feel love, calm, I'm hopeful and so grateful. I will use everything I've learned every day. I wish everyone in this world could do this Heart Healing. The world would be such a better place. Thank you so much Samaya and Tekano! I love you ❤ and now I finally love myself. "

Tone Oraini , Norway / Bali

This Heart Healing is unique. It has really helped me to connect the dots as well as I have got a lot of new interesting realizations. I have so much better perspective of the whole picture now. I feel much larger inside and so much calmness an love towards myself and everything in my life. Absolutely life changing and transformational experience. It is the biggest gift to get to work with my self and be guided by so warm and excellent people. I really recommend this to everyone on this planet.

Samaya is a wonderful therapist because of her tremendous insight into the human psyché as well as the soul and body and how it's all connected. She's a spiritual gangster who leads with tough love though being extremely warm and sensitive at the same time. Throw in some amazing social skills and understanding of the whole- you really can't go wrong. It is an honor and great pleasure to call her my teacher but also my friend who has taught me so much and we are just starting to scratch the surface. To say the least, it is exciting and humbling to work with Samaya, and anyone should be so lucky to get the chance of working with someone of her caliber. "

 Ninja Krystad, Norway 

"After this Heart Healing, I can physically feel that my heart and chest area has expanded. It feels bigger and I have a deeper understanding of my issues and how to work through blockages. It was great to learn all these physical movements and practices. They are all so good. I feel lighter and I am going to use these tools in my everyday life. This Heart Healing will definitely have a huge impact on my life and I am super satisfied. I would recommend everyone to join an iWakening Retreat."

 Kine Kemi Wear, Norway 

"10 years ago, I started to work with Samaya, because I felt that I had lost myself a bit. I felt neither unhappy nor happy. Often, I woke up in the morning and cried without any particular reason. I felt tired and heavy, although everything seemed to be "perfect" in my life. I had the perfect man, perfect job and perfect house - everything one’s strives towards... But I was still not happy. After few session with Samaya, I understood that something was wrong. I started to feel myself in a new way, on a deeper level and I came to an understanding that I actually never felt good enough. Because of that, I was always trying to please everyone else around me and put others needs above my own needs.

Working with Samaya improved everything in my life. Samaya has helped me change my entire life. It’s hard to express how magical and amazing this journey has been - and still is. I learn new things every day. I understand and appreciate all the things that are happening in my life. I now praise it with gratitude and curiosity. Life is exciting and amazing, even though it can be difficult phases sometimes. But when I have the tools to face the challenges so that I can get in touch with new things in myself, it's so rewarding. It really gives a new spark to my life. I love life now.

I’m in my own flow. I feel much closer to my core being and my unique self.

If somebody asks me, how I would describe Samaya I would say that she is more than a therapist. She has been a supervisor and my "guru".The way she works is so unique. While others often use a method, she uses many different methods wherever it is needed, combining them in a magical way. She has also taught me so much more than anyone else has during my whole life. She does not only coach you what to do, but she teaches you, 

mentors you and inspires you every day."

How Samaya has changed Triana Iglesias's life?


Actress, Model, Artist &DJ, Creator of Triana Iglesias Shop, TV Show Host “Paradise Hotel” - Norway

Yes, I want to experience total transformation like Triana! 

step #1 -Physical Awareness

  • Enhance intuition
  • Develop body understanding and body connection
  • Activating here and now presence
  • Become more free and aligned with your true energy

During the Retreat, we go through a deep inner journey!

The 5 Steps Transformational Training Program

For Your Consciousness

# 1 in the world unique, holistic approach towards your true alignment with you as soul.

Learn how to awaken your senses and activate body awareness. Explore movements to break through blockages, release, heal and transform your life.  Become more in tune and connected with your self to start the journey to understand how your consiousness operates.

step #2 - Transformational Mindset

Develop new perspectives on life and create skills to manage your mind, body, and emotions. Increase self-awareness and learn how your consciousness operates towards transformation and expansion. Learn how to accelerate growth and develop a better relationship with yourself in every aspect of your life. 

  • Cultivate deeper understanding of yourself and life
  • Learn the principles of transformation
  • Develop better decision-making
  • Enhanced clarity
  • Aligned mind, body, and spirit
  • Sharpen focus

step #3 - Emotional Heart Healing

Reconnect with your heart and become the essence of who you really are. Learn how to activate the intelligence of the heart and release the past, forgive and let go of future worries.  Activate love and compassion and eliminate suffering. Accelerate the power of your heart and optimize personal clarity to manifest your true destiny.

  • Allow forgiveness
  • Feel a deep inner connection
  • Strengthening inner power

step #4 - Spiritual Alignment

Activate your intuition and communicate with your deep spiritual self.  Learn how to find the answers within that will show you the way ahead and the path you need to take. Get exercises on how to align with your higher consciousness to attract what is in the highest good for you, others and the planet.

  • Align with your true self
  • Connect with your flow
  • Strengthen your intuition

step #5

Embodiment & Integration

Integration means understand something on the mental, emotional, psychic, and physical planes of existence. When we pull through a "spiritual energy," each level of us has to understand it through its own means before we fully get it. Learn to embody it and how to manifest it into your everyday life.

  • Deep understanding on all levels      
  • Embody transformation
  • Learn about manifestation

My heart craves this transformation

What's included?

  • Accommodation in exquisite places 
  • Breakfast
  • Excursions: Holy Water & Waterfall and more 
  • Rejuvenating Massage 
  • Healing Activities - the whole 5 Steps Training Program

How might the day look like?

• Transformational morning talk with yoga, breathing, meditation and sound healing

• Breakfast Delight/ integration break

• Transformational Mindset Training for a deeper understanding of life and exercises to transform and heal

•  Lunch

• Relaxation or excursions

• Afternoon Chi Gong, Movement Therapy, Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Therapy, Breath Work

•  Dinner

• Relaxation

• Evening Meditation, Mindset Training, Sharing, Breathing or Dance

What's not included?

  • Airplane ticket 
  • Insurance 
  • Taxi from airport and return
  • Lunch, dinner and beverages  

What is included and what is not included?

Remarkable, Deep, Magical

Inner and Outer journey!  

Have a look on the amazing pictures form one of our Bali Retreat!

Experience 7 days on an isolated island paradise - Gili Asahan  

Imagine yourself waking up steps away from the sea to the gentle sound of waves caressing the shore

And 5 days in Bali`s most spiritual & cultural  City - Ubud

Beautiful and luxurious 5- star accommodation in the Heart of Ubud 


It’s not only about TRANSFORMATION that you will EXPERIENCE during the Retreat. It’s all about how you will integrate it into your life afterward. We need to take ACTION. That’s why we built accountability and community around the retreat. By joining the retreat, you will get after-retreat transformation support:

♥ Exclusive Closed, Special Community with Samaya's Guidance and Support

The community consists of the people that participated in the iWakening retreats. Here you will meet like-minded participants to keep you inspired and hold you accountable to your personal transformational goals.

♥ 40 days Integration Package: 

You will get your own customized integration package home with you to assist you to live more aware and connected with your heart and your true potential. Includes:

1 Customized Kriya

1 Customized Meditation

1 Customized Breathing 

1 Customized Chi Gong

♥ ADDITIONAL BENEFITS for Retreats Participants:

Special offers for the future retreats, coaching and variety of online courses! 

It feels like this is exactly what I need! 

Read more how Heart Healing Retreat Participants feel about it

"I can not express how thankful I am, to be able to experience the work of Samaya and Tekano. The very first moment I stepped into their studio, I felt like stepping into another world - a warm, light and uplifting world. I went through Transformational Heart Healing and it was a rollercoaster experience, professionally supervised by those amazing teachers. They were able to explain each experience I went through. So that I now know, how to understand different types of emotions, feelings and body languages.

I left with a bunch of easy home-tools, which help me to remain/or bring me back in that warm, light and uplifting state that I gained. I am still practicing with Takano and Samaya.

Every time again it is a treat for my soul."

Lara Ehlken, Germany / Bali

"The IWakening retreat took me straight to some deep block's that I released and healed. It really changed how I move through life now. The tools they use and the guidance are profound. Samaya has such a high focus and her strength in staying in the processes of life gives the whole space an atmosphere of safety. 

I felt it was so easy to connect to my inner core and feel this deep Heart Healing. 

Samaya & Tekano move people to a higher perspective, through joy, love and powerful movements. 

Thank you all in the iWakening team for assisting my growth in such a way."

Ane Sommerstad, Norway 

"The  most powerful experience I've had in my life."

 Martin Pedersen, Norway

How does the application process look like?

Once you are officially sign up and accepted by Samaya you will received an offer from us and you will start online  educational preparation to the Spiritual Bootcamp.

Stage 3

We will review your application.

If you are accepted we will contact you within a few days with the link to book your Transformational Consultation phonecall with Samaya.

Stage 2

Stage 1

Fill in the application form 

in order to get qualified as a candidate for a  Spiritual Bootcamp and move to Stage 2 of the Application. 

Start living from your true heart.

Make them wonder how you unlocked your natural magnificence, vibrancy, and true uniqueness.

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