Frequently Asked Questions about the

Heart Healing Retreat Towards

Self-Love and Happiness

Is this right for me? 

It is right for you if you feel you have lack of happiness and love in your life. Or even that you have a lot of stress and are low on energy or have some struggles in your life that you don't know how to deal with. Or you feel a bit lost, or disconnected with your self or even stuck in some old patterns that are holding you back from feeling happy and content. It is right for you as well when you feel often happy for a moment, because of the great things and situations that happen in your life, but inside you still feel a bit empty. It is for you if you feel if something is missing in your life. It is for you if you know you have some stuff that holds you back...particular behavior in relationship with others and you know that you want to change so you`re life can be more enjoyable and you can live to the fullest. 

How is it possible to start loving myself in 10 days?

We are working with a complete holistic 5 step training program to give you a total understanding on all levels both mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Working with yourself on all levels like this accelerate the transformation process. We are also doing a lot of exercises that are directly connected to releasing the stagnant energy in your heart to be able to open the heart. Thanks to all of these activities you will feel profoundly connected to the inside that is pure love. We will work with clearing a lot of things internally that created a lot of negative thoughts in your life so you will start seeing yourself from the totally different perspective. You will understand that you are much more than just your thoughts, especially you are not your negative thoughts and it will all accelerate your self-love feeling. Samaya has also worked with this processes for many years and will give a lot of support to this self-love journey. 

Why do the Heart Healing Retreat cost this much, where I can find cheaper retreats in Bali? What's the difference? 

The difference is that this is a deep healing journey where we go through a full transformational process with a full program every day and a lot of understanding and support along the way. The retreat is a full 10-day program from 7 am to 9 pm that overall will consist of 90+ hours of healing lessons. You are not left alone with your process and you get all the exercises, right focus and everything to assist you towards the next step of transforming your life into love and happiness. Samaya has 17 years background as a transformational therapist and she will guide you through this very close. 

I don't know why my life is like it is, I don't know what I have to heal. 

How will you guys know how to help me?

Because of Samayas long background in this work she will guide you through it. She will know what everyone needs to connect deeper, how to release and heal, how to align you with your truth and how to help you connect and find your potential. iWakening has a lot of different tools to do this and it is all put together in a way that will assist you to break through the old and step into the new REAL YOU!

What does it mean to live from the heart and will it really have an impact on my life? 

To live from your heart means you are deeply connected with yourself, you as truth, as essence and that creates a here and now presence in your life. You will be deeply connected with your intuition and you will know what is good for you and what is bringing growth to your life. The heart has also a deep manifestation power and when your dreams are aligned with your heart, then you can manifest them into your life up to 5000 times stronger than with your mind. So the heart has a huge impact on your life. The energy of your heart is also about how much love you can feel towards yourself, in what degree you will be able to heal yourself, surrender to your nature, accept life as life is, to trust and to be able to see the beauty of your life. Most of all see the beauty of yourself.  

I'm not a spiritual person, why do I need to align myself spiritually? 

Spirituality is just a word. What it really means is how to align yourself with your core being. With your true self, where you are in flow with who you really are. Every person on this planet is in an evolution. Everything changes, that means you are in a spiritual process. But the more awake you are, the more you start to make conscious choices the more you are on your spiritual journey. You could just as well call it growth or self-development. Everyone wants a better life, and learn how to deal with life in a good uplifting way! Well, that is what it is about. Find smarter ways towards growth. That is spirituality. 

I'm afraid of sharing my struggles with people. 

Is the retreat with other people a good solution for me? 

We will do everything to create a safe space for everyone to share. Everything that happens in the retreat stays within the retreat. Everyone has to sign a contract about that. And if you don't want to share, then no one will force you. My experience is that it becomes very natural to share in a group like this also because we know how to create a deep safe space!

Is this for everyone? or do I have to have a certain education to participate? 

What is demanded from me? 

You don't need any education or specific skills. You will learn what you need throughout the retreat. Nothing is demanded other than showing up and having an open mind and heart. Just a willingness to change would be a great start. But even you have resistance you can come. That's what we are going to break through. 

What does it mean that I will bring tools back home with me? 

What's the example of tools? Can I do it on my own after the retreat? 

The tools you will get with you home are specifically customized in a way where it's easy for you to do it at home. We will go through every tool through the retreat as well it will be easy to remember how to do it. 

Examples of tools you will get are: different meditations, breathing exercises, yoga exercises, qigong and movement exercises. 

It will be like a toolbox for the different challenges in life. 

releasing stress

creating mental focus

connect to the present moment

release the nervous system

balancing the brain

and more….

I´ve been to a few self-development educational courses and I am disappointed? How do I know I can trust facilitators this time?

Samaya has more than 20 years experience and she has spent her whole life to find out what really works. Everything is put together in a very holistic way for you to really feel the change. We are not just talking about it, we are doing a lot of different exercises for you to feel it.  

What's the difference between Heart Healing and going and seeing a psychologist? 

That's a huge difference as we are working with you in a very holistic way. We look at you as a human with many different layers of consciousness and we will work through it all and give you exercises and tool for you to fully understand yourself, and take charge of yourself. This is Life Mastery on a deep level.