Transformational Heart Healing Retreats

Release • Heal • Energize

iWakening  invites you to embark on an exciting journey of self- discovery and the unfolding of your unimagined potential. A deep holistic journey that embraces and develops mind, body and consciousness. iWakening utilize a select variety of different practices, both ancient and contemporary, to positively transform every aspect of your life.


iWakening provides a safe and supportive space so you can open up and surrender into experiencing yourself in ways that will assist you to reveal and heal whatever that is not serving you anymore and break through any limitations. Guiding you towards a full transmutation on all levels of consciousness.  


A big part of our retreat is to use the elements of nature to release, heal, recharge,  transform and integrate.  iWakening will put you in touch with the intelligence of your heart, and help you step up to become the great being you intuitively know you are.

Awakening your ‘true self’

Align  with your purpose

Live your potential

Experience a True Transformational Journey

Physical Awareness

Learn how to awaken your senses and activate body awareness. Explore movements to break through blockages, release, heal and transform your life.  Become more in tune and connected with your self to start the journey to understand how your consiousness operates. 

5 Steps Training Program

Awaken the senses   

Explore movements  

Activate body awareness

Transformational Mindset

Develop new perspectives on life and create skills to mange your mind, body and emotions. Increase self-awareness and learn how your consiousness opereates towards transformation and expansion. Learn how to accelerate growth and develop a better releationship with yourself in every aspect of your life. 

Get new perspectives

Accelerate growth

Increased self-awareness

Emotional Heart Healing

Reconnect with your your heart and become the essence of who you really are. Learn how to activate the intelligence of the heart and release the past, forgive and let go of future worries.  Activate love and compassion and eliminate suffering. Accelerate the power of your heart and optimize personal clarity to manifest your true destiny.

Allow forgiveness 

Feel a deep inner connection

Strengthening inner power

Spiritual Alignment

Activate your intuition and communicate with your deep spiritual self.  Learn how to find the answers within that will show you the way ahead and the path you need to take. Get exercises on how to align with your higher consciousness to attract what is in the highest good for you, others and the planet. 

Align with your true self

Connect with flow

Strengthen your intuition

Embodiment & Integration

Integration means understand something on the mental, emotional, psychic, and physical planes of existence. When we pull through a "spiritual energy," each level of us has to understand it through its own means before we fully get it. Learn to embody it and how to manifest it into your every day life.

Deep understanding on all levels      

Embody transformation

Learn about manifestation

Benefits of This Retreat

You will develop a deeper understanding and connection to your body. Learn how to cultivate your life force energy and raise your level of intuition. Experience new ways to move and work with your body and feel more free to authentically express your greatness.

Develop a Deeper Body Awareness

Experience expansion of your consciousness and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.  Learn how to transform your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sharpen your focus and start to make better decisions in your life to step up to your potential.

Access your True Potential

You will learn how to connect to the intelligence of your heart. Heal the past, get tools to transform your emotions and experience inner peace, self-love and freedom.

Learn the Healing Power of the Heart

Learn how to develop a clear dialog within and align with who your really are.

Enhance your creativity and ability to follow your inner truth. Activate your co-creation and become the best version of your self.

Accelerate Spiritual Alignment

Learn how to integrate and in cooperate your transformations and positively change every aspect of your life. Enhance confidence and feel more love and support in all your relationships. Gain flexibility and flow with the nature of life. Experience sufficient health and feel content and happy.

Embody your Understanding of Change

On this trip  we will be guided through a holy water ceremony to help you release the past, heal and regenerate towards a more positive future.

Holy Water

We will visit a Waterfall to breakthrough  limitations, recharge  and cultivate your inner power.


This is a surprise tour to an authentic healing village for deep connection with the electromagnetic field of the earth to help us detox, recharge and integrate.

Healing Earth 

We will visit some beautiful beaches to celebrate and integrate our deep heart connection and passion for life.

Beach Celebration

Some Embodiment Activities

Our Story



Samaya is from Norway. She has worked as an IKYA vibrational therapist since 2001. Through her work she has witnessed hundreds of people transform thier lives. She has extensive background in the fields of meditation, breathing techniques, diet and nutrition, breath work,various forms of bodywork, liberating dance and Kundalini Yoga. She has more than 20 years of experience in spiritual work and holistic philosophy and was the owner of Resonance holistic senter in Oslo for many years. She works with the method Ikya vibrational medicine, Chi Nei Tsang organ massage and Life Coaching. Based on her experience Samaya will inspire and ensure that you keep thriving to shift into oneness and reach your fullest potential.

Tekano is from South Africa. He has 15 years experience within Movement Art, Martial Art and various forms of energy work as well as awareness training. He works with Chi Gong, Elemental Movement Training, Body Coordination, Biotensegrity, Breathing and Hermetics. He will take you on a physical journey into the exciting energetic landscape to heal and revitalize you at all levels.


Cecilie is from Norway and are one of our incredible guest teachers. She is a graduated Kundalini Yoga teacher and Gong Sound Healer. She has throughout her life had great interest for alternative workshops of various kinds. She has attended many workshops on meditation, breath work, dance and all kinds of yoga. Her rich life journey makes Cecilie a very exciting Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has worked creatively with people for 28 years and loves to share their experience on many levels. With her positive and inspiring attitude she will be there to make this iWakening experience one to remember.



Tool 02 is dedicated to Chi-Gong. 

Enhance bodyawareness, culitivate life force energy and become more intuitive. 

Chi-Gong Table of Contents:

Retreat Tools



Tool 03 is dedicated to Kundalini. 

Interconnect all your energy bodies, awaken your life force to activate the higest aspects of your potential. 

Kundalini Table of Contents:



Tool 04 is dedicated to Vibration Breath Release. 

Connect, release and heal your subconsious traumas and enhance self- love and inner peace. 

Vibration Table of Contents:



Tool 05 is dedicated to Movement Therapy

Learn importans tools to activate self awareness and deep understanding towards healing and increased self esteem. 

Therapy Movement Table of Contents:



Tool 06 is dedicated to Meditation. 

Learn different meditation techniques towards self realiszation on all levels. 

Meditation Table of Contents:



Tool 07 is dedicated to Detox. 

Experience the great effect Detox has on the physical, mental and emotional transformation. 

Detox Table of Contents:



Tool 08 is dedicated to Sound Healing. 

Release stagnant energy on all levels and feel the power of sound as a helaing tool. 

Detox Table of Contents:



Tool 01 is dedicated to Transformational Mindset Workshops

Explore new perspectives and expand your consciousness.

Transformational Mindset Table of Contents:

Understand how your consciousness operates and how to transform it

Start to see the bigger picture in life

Connect to your true self and find your purpose

Expand your awareness

Learn how to heal 

Activate life-force and release stagnant energy

Develop higher body sensitivity and present moment awareness

Strengthen your body connective system

Learn how to work with energy and develop intuition

Gain clarity and spiritual alignment

Connect to the body and release subconscious blockages on all levels

Activate grounding and present moment awareness

Cleanse and rejuvenate your vital channels of energy

Enhance deep relaxation

Feel energized

Break through limitations, activate life-force and awaken to your true essence

Strengthen your nervous system to deal better with life

Activate Heart Healing and allow forgiveness and self-confidence

Strengthen your glandular system and create more happiness in your life

Activate energy lines and become more healthy on all levels.

Increase self awareness

Heal through movement and dance

Learn how to release tensions and transform into new movement patterns

Increase self esteem and self image

Improve communication skills

Achieve inner state of stillness and connect deeper within

Release stress and gain calm

Expand consciousness

Gain freedom from distraction and activate healing

Align with your destiny

Release stagnant energy on all levels

Removes mental fogginess and pore memory

Give restful sleep and improved wellness

Give freedom to expand consciousness

Accelerate transformation

Release stress and activate relaxation

Enhance focus and clarity

Increase transformation and change

Release tension in the nervous system

Activate Alignment with Nature

10-Day Retreat

Retreat Packages

3-Day Retreat

2-Day Workshop

 A boost of life force energy on a deep inner journey towards healing and expanded consciousness. 

Developing a deeper understanding of yourself

Activate your senses

Connect to the power of your heart

Receive tools for your everyday challenges

A Bali leisure experience with powerful nature excursions to leave you feeling regenerated and positively transformed.

Develop a Deeper Body Awareness

Access your True Potential

Learn the Healing Power of the Heart

Accelerate Spiritual Aligned

Embody your Understanding of Change

Experiencing the Power of Detoxing

 Accelerate self development and awaken to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Transform Mindset

Learn how to heal your heart

Get tools how to energize your self

Create sharp focus

How to Book your Retreat?

Are you ready for your iWakening!?

To make sure we can give you the utmost experience we invite you for an online talk/ phonecall so that we can make sure that we understand where you are in your life and how that fits with what you will receive on your iWakening retreat. Pay a deposit on $150 and then sign up for a phone call on our time schedule overview, so that you can schedule your prefered time for this.  

When the deposit is payed, you will be redirected to our calendly calendar.  Click on 30. minutes phone call and find the date and time that fits you. 

After our talk, when you want to book you space for the retreat, we will send you an invoice or link to pay online! In some case this is not the right retreat for you, we will refund the deposit.

We  look forward to meet you! 

How can I create freedom and happiness in my life?

How can I gain clarity to make better decisions in my life?

What is my purpose?

How can I step up to my potential?

Can I heal my past and change the direction of my life?

What does it mean to live from the heart and will it really have an impact on my life?

How can I learn to work with energy and develop intuition?

How can I increase my energy levels and live a healthier life?

Can I learn to love myself?

How can I improve my awareness and be more in flow with the changes in life?

How can I ground myself and be more focused?  

How can I connect to a deeper spiritual alignment?

A Chance to reset your life

"The iWakening Transformational Retreat has proven to be a tremendous success. There have been overwhelming expressions of gratitude at the work that was carried out during the retreat. The surfacing of stagnant energy, breaking through blockages and limitations, understanding patterns, accepting and releasing are some of the issues that were covered in the early phases of the journey.

We found time to relax, soak up some sunshine and enjoy great tasting food while having our breaths taken away as we experienced some of the treasures of this beautiful island. Then breathing deep, we connected with our hearts, cultivated life force and used the elements to help us stand in our power. 

Spectacular waterfalls and ceremonial holy waters, crashing waves and cleansing winds. 

We opened up to receive, walked the rice fields and contemplated. We meditated. We made deeper connections with our hearts and let the beauty we deserve come in. We sang songs and listen to live music. We enjoyed coconuts, fresh juices and nibbled on some exotic fruit. We played with our bodies, shook our bodies, rolled around, jumped up and down, we screamed and shouted. We danced! We experienced! We healed ourselves!"

What to Expect

Physical Awareness

Transformational Mindset

Heart Healing

Spiritual Alignment

Embodiment & Integration

Enhanced intuition

Deep body connection

Develop understanding
of the body

Activating here and now presence

Becoming more free and aligned with your true energy

Cultivate deeper understanding of yourself and life

Learning the principles of transformation

Develop better decision-making

Enhanced clarity

Aligned mind, body and spirit

Sharpen focus

Healing the past and create freedom

Experience inner peace and self love

Become aware of the intelligence of your heart

Developed a new and exciting connection with people and life

Expanding your hearts energy field

Clear dialog within

Enhanced creativity


Ability to follow your inner truth

Become the best version of your self

Activated co-creation

Better deal with life as life is

More love in all relationships

Positively change every aspect of life

Enhanced confidence

Feel content and happy

Sufficient health

This Transformational Heart Healing is an unique experience. It has really helped me to connect the dots as well as I have got a lot of new interesting realisations.  I have so much better perspective of the whole picture now. I feel much larger inside and so much calmness an love towards myself and everything in my life. Absolutely life changing and transformational experience. It is the biggest gift to get to work with my self and be guided by so warm and excellent people. I really recommend this to everyone on this planet.

 Ninja Krystad

After this Transformational Heart healing, I can physically feel that my heart and chest area has expanded. It feels bigger and I have a deeper understanding of my issues and how to work through blockages. It was great to learn all these physical movements and practices. They are all so good. I feel lighter and I am going to use these tools in my every day life. This Heart Healing will definitely have an huge impact on my life and I am super satisfied. I would recommend every one to join an iWakening Retreat.

Kine Kemi Wear


Don't Sign up if You don't want to Transform Yourself

Stop right there! By joining the iWakening concept you are stepping up for yourself, to become the great being you intuitively know you are. This is a journey of healing, releasing/ letting go of the old and opening up to receiving new possibilities.   

If you aren't willing to experience significant beautiful changes in your life then this may not be for you.

Develop new perspectives and mindset


Connect to the powerful vibration of your heart


Open up to the possibility for change and transformation.

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Transformational Heart Healing Retreats

Release • Heal • Energize